What Type of Community Is This? What Will It Be?
Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 8:00AM
Ben Simpson in Life, Media, blog, blog philosophy, blogging, community

Community.  There are all types of communities, centered on all kinds of topics, hobbies, and interests.  There is the hand-craft community, the DIY community, and the everything Apple community.  There is the Reformed community and Emergent Village and the Evangelical Arminians

I’m part of numerous communities.  I play softball and pick up hoops.  I volunteer in our youth ministry.  My most important community is my family.  I am part of a church.

But what type of community is this?  What type of community will it become?

I want to be clear. 

For this to be a community, I will need your help.  I will need you to step out of the shadows, leave a comment, ask a question, send an email.  I will need you to share discussions found here with your friends and networks, and invite others to take part.  I will need you to bring my attention to interesting articles around the web, books that are of note, and scholarly works that should not be ignored.  I will need you to help me track culture and think harder and work more diligently to communicate clearly.  I will need you to carve out a presence.

 All are welcome.  All are accepted.  Those are words I learned at the Lord’s Table.  They are true here as well.

I’m glad you are part of this community.  Now, let us live the dream.

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