Glassmaking and Christian Discipleship
Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 2:27PM
Ben Simpson in Christian Spiritual Formation, Craftsmanship, Discipleship, Glassblowing, Glassmaking

On the Venetian island of Murano glassmakers have been mastering their craft for over a century. This video from Monocle, which caught my eye last week, features the work of Carlo Moretti. You will have to visit the Monocle website to view the video, as I am unable to embed it here.

Learning about the craft and artisanship of glassmaking is interesting in and of itself. It involves skill, precision, aesthetic sensibility, and flair. Watching the work of the designers and glass masters is wondrously captivating. The glass they create is beautiful, made for the enjoyment and pleasure of the beholder.

In watching this report, what sparked my imagination was how glassmaking contains numerous elements found within a healthy understanding of Christian discipleship. Among them, I noted the following:

Those are my observations. Have any to add?

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