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    Entries in Art (7)


    ECHO Conference :: Day 3 Notes

    Last day!  Here are the notes!

    Breakout Session :: Church in Two Minutes: Delivering a Complete Story on Internet Time :: Vince Marotte

    Todd Wagner :: Keynote 4 :: Watermark Community Church


    ECHO Conference :: Day 2 Notes

    Here are the notes from day two!

    Jon Acuff :: Keynote 2 :: Stuff Christians Like

    Donald Miller :: Lunch

    Church Panel :: Kem Meyer, Carlos Whittaker, and Charles Lee

    Breakout Session :: Go Big Or Stay Home - Brad and Tim Abare

    Breakout Session :: Visual Communication - Matt Knisely and Nathan Davis

    Donald Miller :: Keynote 3 :: Live a Better Story


    ECHO Conference :: Day 1 Notes

    These aren't near as cool as anything produced by Joshua Blankenship last year.  And the image quality could be better.  But alas, these are my notes.  Hope you enjoy.

    Visual Worship with Camron Ware and Stephen Proctor


    Less Clutter, Less Noise with Kem Meyer

    Evening Plenary Session :: Dan Merchant, Lord Save Me From Your Followers, and Infinity


    The Transcendent in the Daily :: Diary of a Country Priest

    If you have the patience to bear with an older film, I'd recommend taking in Diary of a Country Priest.  I've been on a kick as of late, viewing a number of films mentioned by Robert McKee in his book, Story, and was very surprised, pleasantly, by what I found in Diary.  I found an excellent synopsis of the film here that provides a sound analysis of many of the themes, focusing primarily on examples of the transcendent in daily life that are depicted throughout the film in subtle and compelling ways.  Throughout the film, as I witnessed the spiritual, emotional, and physical sufferings of the priest whose life is the centerpiece of the story, I was amazed at both the sensitivities the plot line had to the difficulties of life in the ministry, as well as the overwhelming power of the grace of God that stands behind the practices of pastoral work.

    The movie is in French, so as long as you do not mind reading the subtitles, then I recommend viewing.  For those local to Kansas City, Diary is available through the Johnson County Library system.  Public services are fantastic.


    Blog Recommendation :: soupablog

    If you haven't stumbled upon this guy's blog already, I recommend you check out the work of Paul Soupiset here.  The sketches are what I find most interesting.  Here's one example:

    soupablog on Flickr!

    While this image is of a bike shop in San Antonio, more common are images of churches, thematic elements for seasons of the liturgical year, and some abstractions that are just plain fascinating.  The images are extremely creative, inspirational, and thought-provoking.  Check it out.