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    Entries in Art (4)


    ECHO Conference :: Day 3 Notes

    Last day!  Here are the notes!

    Breakout Session :: Church in Two Minutes: Delivering a Complete Story on Internet Time :: Vince Marotte

    Todd Wagner :: Keynote 4 :: Watermark Community Church


    ECHO Conference :: Day 2 Notes

    Here are the notes from day two!

    Jon Acuff :: Keynote 2 :: Stuff Christians Like

    Donald Miller :: Lunch

    Church Panel :: Kem Meyer, Carlos Whittaker, and Charles Lee

    Breakout Session :: Go Big Or Stay Home - Brad and Tim Abare

    Breakout Session :: Visual Communication - Matt Knisely and Nathan Davis

    Donald Miller :: Keynote 3 :: Live a Better Story


    ECHO Conference :: Day 1 Notes

    These aren't near as cool as anything produced by Joshua Blankenship last year.  And the image quality could be better.  But alas, these are my notes.  Hope you enjoy.

    Visual Worship with Camron Ware and Stephen Proctor


    Less Clutter, Less Noise with Kem Meyer

    Evening Plenary Session :: Dan Merchant, Lord Save Me From Your Followers, and Infinity


    Thinking Back to Bethlehem

    Most people know that the situation in the Middle East between Palestinians and Israelis is a mess.  As Americans, we are told a very particular version of the story, and I'm afraid we miss a great deal of what is happening on the ground.  During our visit to Israel last spring, our group had the privilege of hearing from Christians, Muslims, and Jews, many of whom were native to Palestine/Israel.  We heard passionate appeals from Israeli officials to continue to visit their land and boost tourism.  The message we heard from Palestinians was different, with the cry being for justice.  But the one thing that we heard from all: "Pray for peace in the Holy Land."

    The image above was shot by Molly.  I haven't forgotten it.  I think of it often, actually.  It is one of the more striking images from my visit to Israel.  You can learn more about the graffiti art that adorns the walls in Bethlehem by doing a little web browsing.  This NPR story is from 2007, but the webpage features a number of images we saw while in the city.  This is an excellent example of protest art.

    I haven't forgotten the Shepherd's Town, and I'm praying for peace.