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    "Only Cool People Use Puns" and Other Greatness from "Spurs Special Forces"

    Matt Hill has pulled together this bit of brilliance.

    If you grew up on The A-Team and enjoyed Los Spurs dismantling Los Heat in last year's NBA Finals, then this is worth the watch. Best laugh I've had all day.

    Also, 1 million pesos equals $67,971.03, if you wondering about the conversion.

    Thanks to SB Nation for picking this up.

    A tip of the cap to Walter Simpson for sending it my way.


    Does God Foreordain All Things? :: A Friday Funny

    I Fall Down Stairs.  A Lot. 109/365

    My friend Joe Taylor passed this joke along.  I found it funny.

    Traditionally, Presbyterians hold a view of God's sovereignty which includes that all events in history are in harmony with God's foreordained, perfect will--all suffering and hardship as well as all blessing and fruitfulness.  Nothing comes to pass of which God is not the direct cause.  Everything occurs according to the plan of the Almighty.

    One day, a faithful Presbyterian awoke and emerged from the bedroom of his second story house.  Still a bit sleepy, he stumbled on the top step of his staircase, and preceeded to roll to the bottom.  Bruised, but not badly hurt, he arose to his feet, dusted off his shirt, and said aloud, "Well, I'm glad that's over with!"


    Found On The Bus :: Special Video Edition

    For more from the bus, click here.


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