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    Google+ :: Are You On Board?

    Like others in my network, a Google+ invite came my way this past week, first courtesy of Tony Morgan, and later from Andrew Conard.  Soon thereafter, friends began adding me to "circles", and email notifications began to light up my inbox.  As someone interested in tech, and as an avid fan of social media, I began doing some research.

    Harvard Business Review's Joshua Gans was among those I consulted.  His impressions are largely negative.  In his estimation, Google+ offers nothing new at all, and because Google has orchestrated a progressive, invitation only roll out, the network has lacked adequate population to make the network attractive.  Interaction, at this stage, is not taking place, at least for Gans.  And if this doesn't change quickly, Gans notes that this could lead to quick abandonment of the site, and a return to other social media services that already have an existing base and a clearly established purpose.

    Evaluating the level of activity, Gans writes:

    Having done lots of set-up, I waited to see what happened. The answer to that was: not much. For Google+ to work, it has to be populated. Specifically, it has to be populated with people the user is interested in. As it is early days, that crucial feature isn't there.

    This (lack of) network effect could do Google+ in if it can't get a virtuous cycle going. So the question is whether Google+ has the potential to attract a large enough network.

    It shouldn't be a surprise that many of the leading Christian technophiles have been jumping on board with Google+.  One of my friends, Andrew Conard, even asked his network to weigh in on whether he should dump Facebook or Twitter, transferring his energies to Google+.

    As I began poking my way around the service, several questions came to mind.  First, is Google+ different from existing social media services?  Does it add something to my social media world that I do not presently have?  Does it improve upon the existing services?  Is there a reason to establish a presence on Google+?

    Are you on board with Google+?  If so, what are you thoughts?  If not, would you consider setting up shop with Google in addition to the services you already use?