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    Bringing Up the Rear

    This past week our kids participated in Vacation Bible School at First United Methodist Church, Waco. One of the songs for the week was "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus." Everything old is new again. It was good for Paul and Slias; it's good enough for me. And for you, too.

    At the dinner table, my son David broke the silence and said, "We follow Jesus."

    "Mommy, you follow Jesus."

    "Joy, you follow Jesus."

    "And Daddy, you follow Jesus."

    We nodded.

    He continued, "I will go first. Joy, you are behind me. And Mommy, you are behind Joy. And Daddy, you are behind Mommy."

    A little child shall lead them.

    And that's me, way at the back, bringing up the rear.

    As long as we are following Jesus, that's alright.