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    Hauerwas, Literacy, and Baptist Life

    I enjoy reading and listening to Stanley Hauerwas, and this entire interview is provocative, worthwhile, intellectually stimulating, and deeply challenging.

    But his final words to Baptists (beginning around the 1:08 mark), specifically to those leading Baylor University, are worth putting in print. Here's what he says to Baylor University and their responsibility to educate literate citizens:

    One of the things that our current public discourse reveals is the absolute failure of the university to be responsible to its duty to produce literate citizens. I don't know that we're going to be able, I mean, I can't speak for universities to be able to do that while universities, but I sure as hell can say to Baylor that they have, as a university, the obligation to produce literate Baptists. That's going to be a miracle. But, it is absolutely crucial.

    Southern Baptists have the Bible and now, and that ain't enough. And you're going to need to be reconnected to the great catholic tradition if you are going to survive as a university, to be the kind of literate people who can produce ministers who are not idiots. And you've got a ton of them. So, exactly how Baylor sees as its task to produce people through the education you receive here, to know that Augustine's Confessions are crucial for how we learn to live as Christians, and to rejoice in that, is absolutely part of the future responsibility of Baylor University.

    I was educated at Baylor University. And I am a minister. I hope I'm not an idiot. And the degree to which I am not, I owe to Baylor University.

    Hauerwas also speaks more broadly on other matters pertaining to the university, race, the Eucharist, war, and the college football playoff. Take a look.