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    Entries in Kansas City (3)


    Craftsmanship. Brass Tacks KC.

    Video Source: Brass Tacks - Kansas City from Summer House Films on Vimeo.

    Kansas City friends might be glad to learn about this company: Brass Tacks KC. Beautiful work, locally sourced, tradition-bound.

    To draw a quick parallel to theology, we each stand within a tradition, great or small. Theology is craft. It can be done poorly, or with excellence. It can be refined. It can be informed by other disciplines. It can be done with respect for the materials, and the minds that generated what we have to work with, or with negligence and disregard for what has come before. It can be of use for a season, or for the ages.

    Good craftsmanship has much to teach us, beyond the cultural product itself.

    HT: Make:


    Baylor's New Uniforms :: Radioactive; Turned PJ3 Into Godzilla Yesterday


    Baylor men's basketball faced off against the Kansas State Wildcats yesterday, winning 82-74 on day two of the Big XII tournament.  I tuned in, and like so many others, was awestruck by the Bears "highlighter" uniforms.  PJ3 played "upper-case", scoring 31 points and grabbing 11 rebounds--his best performance I have witnessed at Baylor.  I hope he can keep it up as tournament play continues.

    During the game yesterday, Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star asked for reactions to the uniforms on Twitter, and I'm glad to say I was quoted this morning in the paper.  Here is my quote:

    You can view the rest of the article here.

    Scot McKnight also expressed his love for them on Facebook.  I'm glad to have him on the Baylor bandwagon.

    Baylor plays Kansas today, having been embarrassed by the Jayhawks twice this year.  I hoping for a Baylor win, though many of my neighbors are pulling for a KU vs. MU rematch for the final.

    Go Bears!


    The Kauffman Center, the Creative Class, and Kansas City

    The Atlantic recently filed a short, engaging piece on the newly opened Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  Hampton Stevens explains how this investment is important for the city in ways that reach beyond the arts.  The presence of this structure, and the cultural events it will host, is a draw for "creative class" workers.  Richard Florida and others have argued that these workers are needed for the revitalization of cities and the growth of urban economies, and therefore city governments should seek to design communities that will have appeal to these types of persons, so that a vibrant, dynamic environment might result, bringing about more innovation, more ideas, greater aesthetic beauty, and an increase in the overall quality of life.

    Read the article here.