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    Entries in Laughter (2)


    To Laugh in the Midst of Trial

    Lord, to laugh in the midst of trial and to rejoice in the darkest valley is another way of saying, "Our hope is in you." Fill us with laughter and joy while we work for peace and strive for justice. Amen.

    --From Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, Morning Prayer for 1/27 


    God and Moses by Simon Rich

    If you're in need of a good laugh, check out this bit of sacrilege from Simon Rich. I stumbled upon this brilliant bit when listening to a year-end podcast from 2010, which for some reason was still on one of my iPods.

    The embedded audio is below.

    I doubt this was intentional, but this bit uncovers our own bent towards idolatry via irony: even the Almighty could be so taken by his own creation as to create an exception clause within the covenant made with Israel. God also speaks of things to come which Moses has no capacity to understand, as though an all-knowing and all-powerful being would not foresee that a finite, human creature might have some difficulty processing the unique talents of Prince. Christians and Jews often take Moses' receiving of divine revelation on Sinai as so commonplace as to lose the wonder. We often conceive of God as he is presented in this comedy bit--just a buddy to Moses who happens to have some particular rules, not a Being so other and beyond that his disclosure was so earth-shattering as to invoke awe, fear, worship, allegiance, and adoration. We can laugh because if the biblical accounts are to be taken at face, we know God is nothing like this. But we laugh at ourselves because we know, deep inside, that we act as though God is like this, and that his commands are to be taken lightly, because God really can't be all that serious.

    Anyway, have a listen, and a laugh.

    HT: Maximum Fun: Comedy: Simon Rich: God and Moses with Paul Scheer and Seth Morris