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    Leading and New Decisions

    photo credit: ostateczna pozbywka pozbywki via photopin (license)

    Whether you are leading a family, business, congregation, or running club, you have experienced differences of opinion. You believe the future should look one way. Someone else prefers a different option. Then, you find yourself stuck.

    Seth Godin offers this thought: you won't convince the other person they are wrong. What's the alternative? Godin writes: "Help someone make a new decision, based on new alternatives and a new story."

    In congregational leadership, there might be a disagreement on music style. Instead of debating the merits of a particular form, why not ask, "How can we best connect with people in our community who do not have a church home, or who do not know Jesus?" Rather than telling a story concerning personal preferences (which should be respected), you're telling a story of humble service to others, so that they can hear the gospel.

    If your congregation experiences visitors each weekend in worship but you remain flat concerning average attendance, rather than saying, "It was great that we had visitors this weekend," ask, "What would it take for us to increase the number of second time visitors?" People visiting, versus people returning and growing in faith as part of the community, are two different stories.

    Rather than bemoaning young people leaving Christianity and disengaging from congregational life, ask "What would it take for us to have young people engaged in worship, taking steps as disciples of Jesus, and sharing the gospel with their friends?" Passing on the faith to another generation is a story everyone can engage with, even if they disagree concerning how to accomplish that goal. The important thing is to define what success looks like, and to celebrate when you achieve your aim.

    The challenge rests in discerning the future God has for you, and acting in accordance with God's will. This includes defining they key decisions, the alternatives, and the arc of the story you are convinced God is calling you to enter.