Spiritual Direction

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

What is Spiritual Direction?

Are you seeking to grow in Christian maturity, discern a calling, or gain greater clarity on questions of faith? Do you wish to grow in your life of prayer, practice the presence of God, or further put on the character of Christ?

There are many avenues within the Christian tradition that can help you grow in faith. Observing the historic Christian spiritual disciplines, participation in the life of a Christian community, searching the Scriptures, and careful study of doctrine can deepen your knowledge of what Christians believe and how those beliefs apply to daily living.

As we learn and grow it helps to have spiritual companions, friends, and directors, people who can help us carefully tend to God’s presence and activity in our lives. In the ministry of spiritual direction, one Christian helps another discern God’s communication, clarify next steps, and encourages faithfulness in response to their calling. Spiritual companions, friends, and directors may do so through attentive and compassionate listening, open-ended questions, loving observation and encouragement, consistent presence and accompaniment, and prayer.

How Did You Become a Spiritual Director?

In 2015, I received a Certificate in Spiritual Direction (CSD) from SMU’s Perkins School of Theology. I have served congregants, pastors, students, and friends as a spiritual director. I am a member of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association. You can read ESDA’s doctrinal statement and code of ethics, which guide my practice of this ministry. I have served as a supervisor in the George W. Truett Theological Seminary’s Spiritual Direction Training Program since 2019.

I offer online and in-person spiritual direction. I am happy to provide more information about the ministry of spiritual direction, including what a session is like and how much a session costs. In keeping with the best practices and ethical commitments of those who serve as spiritual directors, I remain attentive to my capacity to take on new directees. I also approach initial conversations with potential directees as part of a process of discernment regarding divinely-appointed, shared work. I am happy to share more information about this process via email.

How to Learn More

If you are interested in the ministry of spiritual direction and would like more information about this ministry or the possibility of receiving spiritual direction, you may contact me using the form below. I will respond as I am able.

May God guide and direct your steps!