LEGOs: Custom Builds by the Kids

These are from Valentine’s Day 2019, the gifts our kids made for Molly and I, which was way better than anything they could’ve purchased at a store. Molly was given the heart, and I was given the three-headed dragon.

I took pictures to preserve the memory, to document the ways my children use their imagination and make stuff.

Simple stuff. But cool stuff. You might notice the LEGO spacemen. My parents hung on to my LEGOs from when I was a kid. Now, my kids make stuff with those same LEGOs.

LEGO: For Every Size of Imagination

e3fb2082011863.5d10fe8a88203This artwork from Asawin Tejasakulsin is absolutely brilliant, perfectly capturing the spirit and reality of working with LEGO. Check out the gallery. This too. And this. I first came across this design layout here.

I’ve had a longtime love affair with LEGO. I’m in the process of handing that same affection to my kids. I love the sets; I’m particularly fond of the Star Wars line. I build LEGO with my son, or I watch him build.

Occasionally we break away from the sets and come up with our own creations. My parents hung on a ton of LEGO pieces and eventually passed those on to me. We have plenty to work with. I’m always excited to see what my kids come up with.

Our creations are usually something like the dragon above, the seed of a grander vision. The small dragon is just as much of a wonder to behold as is the large dragon. Both spring from the imagination. Whatever we create, the important thing is that we can see it, we can share the wonder. We can celebrate what we do make. Then, the next time, we make something bigger, more detailed, grander. We learn and grow.