During the Crisis, Establish a Rule

Photo by Emre Can on Pexels.com

In 516 A. D., Benedict of Nursia developed a rule of life for monks who were living together in community. It’s known as The Rule of St. Benedict. This idea has been applied to our moment in books like Ken Shigematsu’s God in my Everything and Justin Earley’s The Common Rule.

Our rhythms have been disrupted. We’re out of routine. This presents a chance to evaluate our commitments, to adjust our priorities, and to develop a new structure. Blake Sherman had this to say about utilizing a rule during the pandemic. What practices could you establish? What habits can you build in that could sustain and strengthen your life with God?

Are you structuring your days differently because of the coronavirus? How so? And are you giving attention to how you direct your energies toward your life with God? What are you discovering?