In the Bag

Months ago my kid put together a craft at church, a brown paper bag with a nice drawing of Earth. I wondered what it could be. Was his class collecting food for the needy? My thoughts immediately turned toward some kind of care giving. The world is a big place with a lot of people, and a lot of needs.

I asked him what the bag was for. He explained, “If there is something that distracts us from God, from praying or reading the Bible or something like that, we can put that thing inside.”

I needed examples. He mentioned the Nintendo Switch.

Ah, the things of this world.

I asked, “If I were reading the Bible in the morning, and if you were being too loud or goofy, could I cram you into the bag?”

These are the kinds of dad jokes that are as annoying as they are endearing, serving to bind us together with the dual adhesive of distaste and love.