Spiritual Direction at Truett Seminary

In 2015 I completed a certificate program in the ministry of spiritual direction. I have since used the skills I learned in pastoral ministry, in teaching, and in day to day life.

Truett Seminary launched a Spiritual Direction Training Program in 2017. We have seen around forty students complete our program and will graduate our third cohort next spring.

Whenever I mention spiritual direction to someone in my circles, most don’t know what to think.

“Is it a Bible study?”

“A prayer meeting?”

“Is it like going to a sage for advice?”

“Is it counseling?”

“Is it an accountability relationship?”

“What does the director do?”

“Why would one meet with a spiritual director?”

Christian spiritual direction is a historic ministry of the church where one individual ministers to another individual through the practices of prayer, holy listening, clarifying questions, and gentle encouragement in order to help another discern God’s activity in their life.

I sought training as a spiritual director because I wanted those I serve to pay better attention to God. I wanted to help others know God personally, to learn to recognize God’s prompting, and to then discern God’s will. I wanted this to be true for those I discipled individually, as well as for the groups I would shepherd.

We put together the video above to help people better understand what spiritual direction is, and to help a broader range of people discern whether God was calling them to this kind of service.