The Most Powerful Force in the Spiritual Formation of the Human Person

Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

As disciples engage in the practice of placing Jesus Christ at center stage in every branch of human knowledge, they are simultaneously being encouraged to train their thoughts ever upon God. In this way they enter not only a life of study, but also a life of worship.

To think of God rightly, as God is, one cannot help but lapse into worship; and worship is the single most powerful force in completing and sustaining the spiritual formation of the whole person. Worship naturally arises from thinking rightly of God on the basis of revealed truth confirmed in experience. We say flatly: worship is at once the overall character of the renovated though life and the only safe place for any human being to stand.

Dallas Willard, “Transformation of the Mind” in Renewing the Christian Mind: Essays, Interviews, and Talks [affiliate link]

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