A Prayer for Those in the Workplace

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Lord Jesus, 

You have promised to be with us always, even unto the end of the age. 
Today, I first ask you be with me unto the end of my desk. 
I ask you first to join me here, to extend to me the knowledge of your presence. 
May you, Holy Spirit, be manifestly present in and around my workspace. 

I have many tasks to do. 
There are many people with whom I am in relationship and who depend on my contributions. 
I want to do my tasks well. 
I want to receive every person hospitably. 
I want to be joyful and pleasant, radiating your glory and grace. 
When others encounter me, I want them to see not only me, but you. 

Let my ears be opened to hear not only those who speak with me, but to hear you. 
Let my mouth speak words that not only honor the person with whom I am speaking, but you. 
Let my eyes see as you see. 
Let my hands be strengthened for service.  
Let my heart be attuned to your impressions, open to your communication. 
Heal my body, and help me carry out my work as a living sacrifice, presented unto you. 

Lord, I do not only want you to be with me only unto the end of my desk. 
The work appointed for me by you will lead me elsewhere in this building. 
You will send me beyond this desk, this computer, this chair, and this office. 
May I go resting securely in the knowledge that your Holy Spirit goes with me to empower me, to guide me, to convict me when I get it wrong, to lead me into all truth, and ultimately to sanctify me, bringing me into conformity with you. 

I am glad you have drawn near.  
I am glad you are with me. 
I am glad you are my friend. 
I trust you to help me. 

May your name be magnified and glorified in everything I do this day.