Daily Checklist

How do you stay on track? Here is a list that helps me see how I’m doing. It’s like an examen.

  • I maintain loving, firm, and consistent
    boundaries in my relationships each day.
  • I serve Molly and put her needs before my own.
  • I preserve time for silence, solitude, and quiet reflection.
  • I am not in a hurry.
  • I am living free from anger.
  • I work to make a positive difference in the
    lives of other people.
  • I use my gifts for the common good.
  • I am aware when I am growing tired and adjust
    my schedule accordingly.
  • I exercise and feel good in my body.
  • I do not feed the habit of negative self-talk.
  • I trust that God has a plan and a hope for my future.
  • I am joyful in the presence of others.
  • I am teachable and seeking to learn new things, always.
  • I am not afraid to take risks and challenge myself.
  • I am honest about failure.
  • I am honest about my own mortality.
  • I recognize my limits and differentiate between
    what is mine/not mine to do before God.

This is tailored to me and my circumstances. But it tends to help. Your list may look different. Feel free to borrow mine.