“Why do I like it? You made it.”

We recently did a family tie-dye project. My kids had made me a shirt a few months ago. I wanted more gear.

I asked my daughter, “You know why I like this stuff?”

“Because it’s art?” she said.

“Yes, that,” I replied, “Also, every thing we made, there’s not another one like it in the world.”

“But you know what else?” I asked.

“What?” she said.

“I like it because you made it.”

Clear Goals at 100

On the 100th day of school my son reflected on life at 100 years old.

Look closely at the picture. A cane. A nice place. A great view. What’s that up in the air?

He wrote about it on the back.

But why would you be sad?

We asked. He said, “Because I would be alone and I wouldn’t be with my family.”

We helped there. We said he could have descendants, or nieces or nephews, or other extended family.

As for the drone, I thought it was surveillance.

Theology Happens


I created a set of “Theology Happens” decals after a funny incident at the office. Students can earn several different certificates within the M.Div. degree plan: biblical studies and languages, spiritual formation and discipleship, music leadership in worship, etc. “Theology” is the default track. During one of our advising meals, students were told that if they do not opt to pursue a certificate, “theology happens.” Yes, yes it does. A colleague turned to me and said, “I think I’ve seen that on a bumper sticker.”

It isn’t a bumper sticker. But it is a sticker. I had some made. You can purchase one in my online store, which I set up just for this. That might be ridiculous. OK. You’re right, it is. But if you want one, it will be $5 + tax, shipped. Go to the store and place an order. I’ll have time to turn it around during the quarantine.

If you live local, I can hand it off personally from a socially acceptable distance for $3. I’ll also entertain interesting trade offers. I said entertain. Not necessarily accept.

Where’s the link to the store? Here. Thanks for asking.